• HYP2003


    According to the new CCA (Certification Authority) guideline that came into effect on April 1st,2023 (Extended to July 1st, 2023), the HYP 2003 FIPS Certified token offers a complete “Plug & Play” solution. This device simplifies the installation process by storing all required software programs, including middleware, in its onboard read-only virtual CD-ROM area. When the HYP 2003 token is inserted into a host computer, the necessary software is automatically installed, eliminating the need for manual setup. This streamlined approach aligns with the CCA’s emphasis on user convenience and efficient deployment of secure authentication systems. The HYP 2003’s FIPS certification further underscores its reliability and compliance with industry-standard security protocols, providing organizations with a reliable and hassle-free solution to meet the new CCA guideline requirements.

  • Watchdeta Proxkey


    Starting from April 1st,2023 (Extended to July 1st, 2023), the WatchData ProxKey has become a certified USB Crypto Token according to the new CCA (Certification Authority) guideline. Thanks to advances in computer technology and networks, banks, government organizations, and businesses can now offer various services online. However, protecting online data transmission has become quite difficult. More and more cases of malicious attacks and identity tampering for online fraud are happening. That’s why there is a growing need for better protection of networks, applications, and data. The WatchData ProxKey USB Crypto Token meets the strict standards set by the CCA and ensures secure communication. It helps organizations defend against cyber threats, making the online world safer and building trust with customers.

  • Safenet 5110


    In accordance with the new CCA (Certification Authority) guideline implemented on April 1st,2023 (Extended to July 1st, 2023), the SafeNet eToken 5110 offers seamless integration with third-party applications, supported by SafeNet Authentication development tools. It provides compatibility with SafeNet PKI and password management applications, as well as software development tools, enabling customization and extension of functionality through on-board Java applets. This versatile token is further supported by SafeNet Authentication Manager, streamlining authentication operations, reducing IT overhead, and offering support for lost tokens. With its comprehensive features and adherence to the new CCA guideline, the SafeNet eToken 5110 presents a robust authentication solution that aligns with evolving security requirements, ensuring efficient protection of sensitive data for organizations.

  • MFS 100 Biometric Device

    Original price was: ₹3,000.00.Current price is: ₹2,250.00.

    If you are planning to buy a high-end USB fingerprint scanner, go for Mfs 100 USB fingerprint scanner. It is a quality device that will ensure fingerprint authentication for desktop security. Based on optical sensing technology, it has the capability to identify poor-quality fingerprints. In fact, it would help you authenticate, identify and even verify functions that will allow your fingerprints to act like digital passwords. Furthermore, these passwords will not be forgotten, stolen or lost. Its optical sensor is resistant to electrostatic shock and scratches.

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  • Morpho E2/E3

    Original price was: ₹4,000.00.Current price is: ₹3,500.00.

    All-in-one solution: superior performance Enrollment, Verification and Identification FIPS 201 and MINEX compliant Feature Extractor & Matcher onboard FBI PIV IQS certification and fake finger detection available Extensive security features, including encryption and digital signature Smartcard reader variants for Match-on-Card applications.

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  • MFS Tab Aadhar enabled Biometric attendance Device

    Original price was: ₹16,000.00.Current price is: ₹10,000.00.

    This innovative Biometric clock will dramatically improve your ability to monitor your workforce movements during their working patterns and with features that gives you better time and management reporting.

    The MFSTAB is suitable for both basic to moderately complex time and attendance requirements. The 7″ Touch screen offers a wide range of possibilities, starting from the classical Time recording App to a complex Factory Data Collection App or a high-security solution with access queries supported by a comparison of live images with stored images or audio-visual communication to a Service Command Centre, e.g. for Data centres. Everything is possible.

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  • Tally ERP 9 Single USER


    It is a Single User Edition of Tally ERP 9 Silver. Silver license is meant for installing and operating on one computer. In the firms/ organizations where only one person is expected to operate on Tally at a time, Silver license is recommended.

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  • Tally ERP 9 MUlTI USER


    Tally.ERP 9 – Gold is a unlimited multi-user edition recommended for organisations that operate on a LAN environment.


    Tally.ERP 9 is your perfect business management solution and GST software. With an ideal combination of function, control and customisability built in, Tally.ERP 9 permits business owners and their associates to do more.

    It is a complete product that retains its original simplicity yet offers comprehensive business functionalities such as Accounting, Finance, Inventory, Sales, Purchase, Point of Sales, Manufacturing, Costing, Job Costing, Payroll and Branch Management along with compliance capabilities for VAT, Excise, TDS, TCS, and now GST too!

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  • Bulk SMS


    Are you looking for a low cost bulk SMS service?
    Try our SMS services and target your potential customers/audience with bulk SMS marketing solution from Efiling Infotech. We ensure that you will never have to look for another service provider for affordable bulk SMS. Over the years we have seen technology taking giant leaps to make communications much easier that any physical distance has virtually become no distance at all. We can now easily see and chat with people on the go using various messaging platforms.

  • Document Signer Certificates


    The Document Signer Certificates are issued to hierarchical programming applications for working consequently to validate reports/data ascribed to the association by utilizing Digital Signature connected on the record, archives/Information. Report Signer Certificates’ motivation is for the most part for the most part for robotized marking and furthermore to reflect authoritative responsibility.

    Not at all like an Organizational Digital Signature where the mark is issued to singular name with hierarchical esteem, Document Signer Certificates are issued to Organizational legitimate name. Report Signer Certificates are accessible in Class 2 and Class 3 and is implied for marking at hierarchical limit.

  • SSL Certificates