• ePass2003 Auto


    ePass2003 Auto FIPS Certified is a complete “Plug & Play” solution. The device can hold all necessary software programs, such as middleware, on an onboard read-only virtual CD-ROM area. Upon inserting the token to the host computer the software can be installed automatically.

  • Safenet 5110


    SafeNet eToken 5110 integrates seamlessly with third-party applications through SafeNet Authentication development tools, supports SafeNet PKI and password management applications and software development tools, and allows customization of applications and extension of functionality through on-board Java applets. It is also supported by SafeNet Authentication Manager, which reduces IT overhead by streamlining all authentication operations, including deployment, provisioning, enrollment, and ongoing maintenance, as well as offering support for lost tokens.

  • Watchdeta Proxkey


    WatchData ProxKey is a FIPS Certified USB Crypto Token. Rapid computer technology and network development enable various industry sectors such as banks, government organizations and enterprises to offer different kinds of services online. Protecting online data transmission, however, has been a very difficult task. Malicious attacks and identity tampering to commit online fraud is on the rise and the need for enhanced protection of networks, applications and data has never been greater.