DGFT Digital Signature

DGFT Digital Certification facility offered by us finds extensive usage among Exporters & Importers. Operated under Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT), it is a solution developed for Exporter-Importer community in India that enable them to interact as well as transact with DGFT online with security and confidence. Digital Signature Certificate that is specially designed for Indian Exporters or Importers that enables digital signing of online License applications Benefits of using Safe EXIM:

  1. Cost Savings
  2. DGFT has extended attractive monetary incentives for Safe EXIM users
  3. DGFT charges only 50% of application fee for applications that are digitally signed using Safe EXIM
  4. Reduced turnaround time by DGFT for license issuance
  5. Convenience & Security
  6. Logon to DGFT portal using Safe EXIM is far more secure than using user ID / Password based system
  7. Making impossible Impersonation of client’s or their organization online
  8. Confidentiality of the transaction assured
  9. Integrity of information submitted online no longer in doubt
  10. Fraud minimized as the data cannot be tampered with
  11. Digitally signed applications that ensure non-repudiation, thus bringing trust as well as confidence into entire online experience
  12. Usage of Safe EXIM reduces paperwork considerably for user, thus bringing down associated costs.

How to get DGFT Digital Signature ?

Download SAFEEXIM Application

Documents to be required for organisation DSC

  1. Copy of Organizational PAN Card
  2. Copy of Organization’s Bank Statement (first 2 Pages)
  3. Copy of Incorporation / Registration Certificate of Organization
  4. Copy of Memorandum Articles-(First 2 pages)
  5. Copy of Last Audit Report and Annual Return (First 2 pages)
  6. Attested copy of last ITR with computation (First 2 pages)
  7. Copy of Resolution Empowering the Authorized Signatory
  8. Copy of Import Export Code (IEC Certificate)

**NOTE: All Documents must be self attested with organization rubber stamp.

  1. One Individual Pan Card
  2. One Address proof (Passport/Voter Card/Aadhar Card)-any one

Individual ID Proof and Address proof must be attested by Banker, Gazetted Officer (Group A/Group B) or Post Master only.

Send the Original Copy of the above mentioned Form along with the documents to

e-filing InfoTech
AN ISO 9001:2015 Certified
HMP HOUSE” 4 Farlie Place 5th Floor Room no 501A,
Near- RBI Buldg. Kolkata-700 001
Help- 033-40605491/ 033-40084196

For Price- Call= 9051855666

What is DGFT Digital Signature Certificate ?

DGFT Digital Signature Certificate is basically a Class 2 Digital Signature specially for EXIM Organizations who are having Import Export Code(IEC) in India. DGFT Digital Signature can ONLY be Issued to Organization with ONLY Signing Certificate. IEC Code is mandatory to obtain a DGFT Digital Signature Certificate. Using DGFT DSC, Users can save upto 50% of License Fees on DGFT Website. DGFT DSC is safe, reliable, time saver and friendly way to communicate with DGFT Website.

Advantages of DGFT Digital Signatures.

A DGFT Digital Signature is issued to Organizations or individuals (any person from an EXIM Org. who is authorized to transact with DGFT on behalf of the Org) who have obtained a valid IEC (Importer Exporter Code) code. A DGFT Digital Signature can be used to apply for licenses electronically with the DGFT and digitally sign online license applications. In fact it is mandatory to have this DSC to able to communicate with DGFT online. DGFT has extended attractive monetary incentives amounting to 50 % waiver on license fee for those Exporters and Importers using DGFT Digital Signature Certificates. Advantages of a DGFT Digital Signature includes reduced paperwork, reduced costs, reduced turnaround time and convenience. Moreover logging into the DGFT Portal using a DGFT Digital signature is far more secure than using a ID and Password.