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USB tokens for digital signature certificates

As per the Controller of Certifying Authorities (CCA) in India, it is mandatory to use a USB token for storing any type of digital signature. The USB token must meet specific security guidelines, including being FIPS certified Level-3 and CSP 2.0 compliant.We e-filing Infotech (P) ltd. provides usb token which are compatible with the current guidelines in India

ePass2003 Auto (Now HYP2003) | Watchdata Proxkey | Safenet 5110 Plus

We” Efiling Infotech (P) Ltd.” offers the upgraded version of ePass2003 auto, known as HYP2003, watchdata Proxkey and Safenet 5110 plus which is fully compliant with the current guidelines in India.
* This USB token provides a secure and reliable solution for storing digital signatures and authentication certificates.
*It meets the Controller of Certifying Authorities (CCA) guidelines, ensuring adherence to the necessary security standards.
*It meets the stringent requirements of FIPS Level-3 and CSP 2.0, ensuring data protection and integrity.
*These USB tokens provide top-notch security features and are well-suited for various digital signature and authentication purposes
*It meets the stringent requirements of FIPS Level-3 and CSP 2.0, ensuring data protection and integrity.

How USB token works:
1.Digital Signature Certificate (DSC): A digital signature is a cryptographic representation of a person’s or entity’s identity. It is issued by a trusted certifying authority (CA)in INDIA and serves as a unique electronic identifier for the user.

2.USB Token: Instead of storing the digital signature certificate on a computer or software, the certificate is securely stored inside the USB token. The USB token acts as a digital vault, protecting the certificate with advanced encryption and password protection.

3.Plug-and-Play features: To use the digital signature, the USB token is plugged into a computer’s USB port. Once connected, the user can access their digital signature certificate and apply it to sign electronic documents or authenticate themselves on various platforms and websites.

Benefits of USB Tokens for Digital Signatures:

1.Enhanced Security: USB tokens provide a higher level of security compared to software-based solutions because the digital signature certificate is physically isolated from the computer’s operating system, reducing the risk of unauthorized access or tampering.

2.Portability: Users can carry their digital signature certificate wherever they go by simply carrying the USB token. This mobility allows them to sign documents securely from any computer with a USB port.

3.Data Integrity: Storing the digital signature certificate on a USB token protects it from data loss due to system changes, formatting, or software upgrades.

4.Regulatory Compliance: USB tokens for digital signatures are often designed to meet the requirements of government regulations and industry standards for secure digital transactions.

5.USB tokens have become an essential tool for individuals, businesses, and organizations that require secure and legally recognized digital signatures for various purposes, such as online transactions, e-filing of documents, and electronic communications.

If you are looking for a Digital Signature provider in Kolkata or a digital signature certificate authorize registration authority or vendor in Kolkata then you need to go to a digital signatures provider in Kolkata who complies with the regulations of the Controller of Certifying Authorities, Govt. of India such as Efiling InfoTech Private limited.

Digital Signature Certificate (DSC): Unlock the Power of Digital Signature Certificates (DSC): Your Key to a Secure and Paperless Future

At eFiling Infotech Private Limited, we offer the revolutionary Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) technology, providing you with a secure and paperless future. Say goodbye to cumbersome paperwork and say hello to a seamless digital experience. But what exactly is a digital signature, and how does it work?

What is a Digital Signature?

A digital signature is a unique electronic fingerprint that verifies the identity of the sender of a message or the signer of a document in the digital realm. Just like your handwritten signature authenticates a physical document, a digital signature ensures the integrity and authenticity of electronic files and communications.

How Does Digital Signature Work?

When you digitally sign a document, a complex cryptographic process takes place. Here’s a simplified breakdown of how it works:

  1. Creation of Signature Key Pair: A pair of cryptographic keys is generated – a private key kept securely by the signer and a public key shared with others.
  2. Hashing: A unique digital fingerprint, called a hash, is created from the document’s content. Even the slightest change to the document results in a completely different hash.
  3. Signing: The private key encrypts the hash, creating the digital signature. Any alterations to the content invalidate the signature.
  4. Verification: The recipient decrypts the signature using the sender’s public key, revealing the original hash. The recipient then computes the hash of the received document. If the computed hash matches the decrypted signature hash, the document is deemed authentic and unchanged.

How to Get a Digital Signature? 

  1. Prepare necessary identity verification documents such as proof of identity, address, a passport-sized photograph, email ID, and mobile number.
  2. Undergo video verification and mobile/email verification through OTP.
  3. Once the key pair is generated, the DSC will be stored in a USB token.
  4. Install the token driver on your computer.
  5. You’re ready to use the digital signature.

Whether you’re an individual, a small business, or a large enterprise, our digital signatures are tailored to meet your specific needs, providing a seamless and secure experience in the digital world.

Join hands with eFiling Infotech Private Limited today and experience the peace of mind that comes with the most reliable and secure digital signatures in the market.

Trust. Security. Reliability. That’s eFiling Infotech Private Limited.

Contact us today to learn more about our digital signature solutions and how we can help you navigate the digital landscape with confidence.

Digital Signature Kolkata: Buy Digital Signature Online

“We are proud to be an integral part of our Prime Minister’s vision of Digital India. As a company committed to innovation and technological advancements, we wholeheartedly embrace the mission to transform India into a digitally empowered society and knowledge economy. Our dedication to the Digital India initiative is reflected in our relentless efforts to provide cutting-edge digital solutions and services. Through our state-of-the-art Digital Signature Certificates (DSCs) and other technology-driven offerings, we aim to accelerate the nation’s digital transformation and promote a paperless, secure, and efficient ecosystem.”

Digital Signature Certificates (DSCs) categorized based on their purpose and level of authentication

Class 1 : Class 1 DSCs are commonly used for signing and encrypting emails, where a higher level of authentication is not required.

Class 2 : This is mostly used while e-filing Income Tax documents, registers for companies and value added taxes. – now its discontinued by CCA in INDIA and its replaced from Class 3 types of digital signature

Class 3 : As of now, it is mandated that all types of transactions in India must utilize Class 3 DSC (Digital Signature Certificate). like e-filing of incometax, MCA21/ROC, GST, TDS, pdf Signing, e-Tendering, e-Procurnment, e-Bidding,e-Auction, e-office. there are some difrent types of class 3 digital signature
Class3 individual digital signature
Class3 orgnsiation digital signature
Class-3 combo (signing and encryption Digital signature) its comes in individaul or orgnisation with both types

DGFT DSC: A DGFT DSC is used for secure and authenticated online communication with the DGFT’s online portal for various purposes related to foreign trade, including applying for Importer Exporter Code (IEC), filing applications for various export-import schemes, submitting documents for customs clearance, and more.
Having a DGFT DSC is essential for businesses involved in import-export activities as it simplifies and accelerates the process of obtaining licenses, permits, and approvals related to foreign trade. It eliminates the need for physical paperwork and manual verification, providing a seamless and efficient digital solution.

Document Signer Certificate:
A Document Signer Certificate is issued to organizational software applications for automatic authentication of documents and information attributed to the organization. It enables the application to apply a Digital Signature on the documents, ensuring their authenticity and integrity.

SSL Certificate:
SSL certificate that establishes a secure connection between a web browser and a web server. It enables encrypted communication, ensuring that sensitive information shared between the user and the website remains secure and protected from unauthorized access.
SSL certificates are commonly used to secure online transactions, login credentials, personal information, and other sensitive data exchanged on websites. They provide several key benefits, including:

Encryption,Authentication,Trust indicators,Search engine ranking

[What are Signing & Encryption?

Signing DSC: This type of DSC is used primarily for the purpose of authenticating the identity of the signatory and ensuring the integrity of the data being transmitted or signed. It is commonly used for signing documents electronically, such as contracts, agreements, tax returns, and other legal documents.

Encryption DSC: This type of DSC is focused on securing the data during transmission by encrypting it. Encryption DSC ensures that the information shared between parties remains confidential and cannot be accessed or tampered with by unauthorized individuals. It is widely used for encrypting email communications and other sensitive data exchanges.]

We efiling infotech kolkata provides all types of digital signature class-1, class-3, DGFT, Document signer,SSL Certificate,…

Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate by e-Filing infotech
efiling infotech is a authorise Registration Authority (RA)and offers Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate individuals.eFiling Infotech’s user-friendly platform enables customers to apply for and acquire a Class 3 DSC seamlessly. The online KYC process eliminates the need for physical documentation, making the entire process efficient and convenient. Customers can complete the necessary verification steps digitally, saving time and effort.

Class 3 Individual Digital Signature Certificates (DSCs) are a specific type of DSC that provide the highest level of security and are primarily used for individual authentication and secure online transactions.Class3 commonly utilized by various portals and departments in India for a range of purposes.

MCA21/ROC e-filing | Income Tax e-filing | GST Application/e-Filing |LLP|Registration|Form16|customer e-filing | IEC Code registration |Patent and trademark e-filing |

Digital signature for MCA21/ROC e-filing

Under the guidelines of the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA), registering the company’s identity and credentials with the Registrar of Companies (ROC) is mandatory through e-filing at the MCA portal.authorized signatories can securely and electronically sign their documents, ensuring authenticity and integrity during the submission process. This helps streamline the filing process and enhances the efficiency and reliability of MCA21/ROC e-filing procedures.

Click Here to Get DSC for MCA21/ROC e-filing

Digital signature for Income tax e-filing
Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) is a prerequisite for Income Tax e-filing in India. By using a DSC, individuals and organizations can securely sign and submit their tax returns electronically, ensuring the integrity and authenticity of the filed documents. The digital signature enhances the efficiency and convenience of the e-filing process while maintaining the confidentiality of sensitive taxpayer information.

Click Here to get DSC for Income tax e-filing

Digital signature for GST application
(DSC) is essential for GST application and e-filing in India. It enables individuals and businesses to securely sign and submit their GST-related documents electronically. By using a DSC, users can ensure the authenticity and integrity of their filings, facilitating a streamlined and efficient process for GST registration, return filing, and compliance.

Click Here to get DSC for GST application

Digital signature for LLP registration
LLP (Limited Liability Partnership) registration in India requires the use of a Digital Signature Certificate (DSC)Class-III individual in the name of Designated partners. With a DSC, the designated partners can electronically sign and submit the necessary documents for LLP registration.

Click here to get DSC for LLP Registration

DSC for IEC Registration/Updation
(DSC) is a mandatory requirement for IEC (Import Export Code) registration in India. It enables individuals and businesses to securely sign and submit their IEC Code registration documents electronically. By using a DSC, users can comply with the regulatory requirements and facilitate secure and trusted online process for import-export certificate IEC code registration/updation, change or address/email/branch etc.

Click here to get DSC for ICE Registration/Updation

Digital signature for patent and trademark e-filing
Applying for patents at the Indian Patent Office (IPO) now requires the use of a Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate. Agents, organizations, and individuals must utilize their Class 3 DSC during the patent application process. After registration, users are required to add their digital signature for e-filing patent documents,

Click here to get DSC for patent and trademark e-filing

Class 3 combo (Siging & Encryption) digital signature certificate that is provided by e-filing Infotech.

Class 3 Organization Combo Digital Signature Certificate provides both signing and encryption functionalities for secure online transactions. This type of DSC is specifically designed for organizations,Bank, Government agency,PSU etc enabling them to authenticate their identity, sign electronic documents with integrity, and encrypt sensitive information during transmission. Combo DSC means signing and encryption ommonly used in various scenarios, including tender publishing for government agencies and PSUs,tender participation by corporate organizations, and secure data login and online transfer for banking purposes.

Government agencies and PSUs require Class 3 Organization Combo DSCs to authenticate the identity of organizations while ensuring the integrity and security of tender documents. This facilitates a transparent and secure bidding process and Similarly, corporate organizations requires Class 3 Organization Combo DSCs to participate in tenders, digitally sign bids, and securely transmit encrypted files to external servers.The DSC ensures ensitive data exchanged during the tendering process.

There are several portals where a Class 3 Organization Combo Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) is required

Get DSC Class 3 combo digital signature by efiling infotech in India
Public Works Department, Indian Ordnance Factories, Balmer Lawrie , NTPC-National Thermal Power Corporation Ltd , Indian Oil Corporation, e-Tendering ONGC – Oil & Natural Gas Corporation Ltd, IREPS, Air-India, DGS&D, Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited BSNL, ISRO – Indian Space Research Organization, Hindustan Petroleum , eProcurement Coal India Ltd, IFFCO, Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited (BPCL), Power Grid Corporation, Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd., (via Mjunction) Government Of West Bengal , Government Of Chhattisgarh, Government Of Assam, Government Of Maharashtra, Department Of Atomic Energy, New Delhi Municipal Council, ,Mangalore Refinery and Petrochemicals Limited, Government of Andhra Northern Railway , Hindustan Aeronautic Ltd. Class-3 Digital Signature Certificate in India is required by Government Officials, Municipal Authorities, Army Chiefs, Government Chief Secretaries, Army Engineers, Army Zonal Head / Chief, etc.

Click here to get orgnisation Class3 combo (signing & Encryption) DSC.

What are the different types of certificates available in Class 3 Combo?
Class 3 Digital Signature Certificates are categorized based on the requirements of various e-Governance platforms. They are available as “Signing” and “Encryption” Certificates. Users have the option to choose either a Signing Only Certificate or an Encryption Certificate, depending on their specific needs. The difference lies in their respective functionalities.

Signing Certificates are primarily used for mapping with users’ login credentials and digitally signing documents on various e-Tendering platforms. On the other hand, Encryption Certificates are mainly utilized to secure confidential documents during transmission. It’s important to note that a user can obtain both certificates, but it is not possible to procure an Encryption Certificate without also obtaining a Signing Certificate.

DGFT Digital signature or Digital Signature for foreign trade or EXIM DSC by efiling infotech
The use of Digital Signature Certificates (DSC) has been made mandatory by DGFT for all electronic documents uploaded on their website. This means that EXIM organizations must possess a DSC for transactions related to the DGFT website. DGFT verifies the sender’s identity, document authenticity, and DSC validity before processing the documents for license issuance. Online submission of applications on the DGFT website not only offers convenience but also grants a 50% reduction in license fees for EXIM organizations. By utilizing a DSC, organizations can prevent fraudulent practices, such as identity theft, when filing bills of entry. When submitting documents through Custom House Agents, it is crucial to accompany them with a DSC. For organizations seeking an Import or Export License, a Class 3 DSC is essential and must be registered in the name of an authorized representative. As legally recognized, documents submitted using a DSC hold the same value as physically signed documents and are entitled to benefits under the Indian Information Technology Act 2000.

Get Digital Signature for Foreign Trade

DGFT (Directorate General of Foreign Trade) Digital Signature Certificates (DSC) are specialized digital certificates used only for its special class digital signature designed by CA and CCA which is create on the base of IEC code just like pan based dsc made for income tac efiling.DGFT dsc also called IEC code based dsc
DGFT DSC primarily used for electronically signing and submitting various documents and applications, including Import-Export Code (IEC) applications, Export Promotion Capital Goods (EPCG) applications, and other trade-related filings on the DGFT portal. This facilitates efficient and trustworthy communication and transactions within the exporter-importer community, promoting seamless international trade operations.

Click Here to get DGFT DSC.

The DGFT DSC enables import and export businesses to avail reduced license costs by submitting online applications. This cost-saving measure encourages organizations to utilize the DGFT digital platform for license procurement, benefiting importers and exporters in India.

That is designed keeping in mind the Indian importer and exporter:
1. Penny Saving
2. For Safe EXIM users DGFT has forwarded attractive monetary incentive
3. For the applications that are sign digitally using exe I’m safe only 50% of the application fees are charged.
4. The turnaround for dgft licence insurance is reduced.
5. Security & Convenience
6. Rather than using user ID / Password based system, logging in DGFT portal with safe EXIM is way more secure.
7. Making impossible Impersonation of client’s or their organization online
8. Assured confidentiality of the transaction.
9. No need to doubt the integrity of information submitted online.
10. The data cannot be tampered with as the fraud is minimised.
11. Digitally signed applications that ensure non-repudiation, thus bringing trust as well as confidence into entire online experience
12. Associated associated costs are brought down as safe EXIM reduces paperwork conservatively.



An insight into digital signature?

Add digital signature is essentially a form of Signature which is Electronic and can be used for authenticating the identity of a message sender or a sign of a document.

What is DSC ?

Very similar to handwritten signature A Digital Signature Certificate verifies the identity of the sender by filling the document through the internet. In this way a sender will not be able to deny.

Who needs a DSC ?

DSC is a request for every person who needs to sign manual documents and returs filed with ROC.

Why Digital Signatures?

Ministry of Company Affairs, Government of India (GoI) has initiated MCA21 program, for easy and secure access to its services in a manner that best suits the businesses and citizens.

How to get a digital signature certificate?

You can get a digital signature certificate from CA or a certifying authority. The authority has to have an adequate license to help you grab the certificate and has to know the norms of information technology act 2000.

What are the benefits of a digital signature certificate?

There are many advantages of having a digital signature certificate. The topmost benefits are the aspect of global acceptance, standard verification and high-quality security features.

How to download a digital signature certificate?

You can download it effortlessly once you have your application thoroughly approved. You will avail a password either in your email address or in the cell phone number(registered). Using it you can download it.

Are digital signature certificates crucial for e-tendering process?

A digital signature certificate happens to be entangled within ITA or Information Technology Act. Thus, it is indeed essential for e-tendering processes.

Can someone misuse a digital signature certificate?

There is slightest possibility of such a scenario. No one can copy the  digital signature certificate and paste the same into another document. The signatures are unique and protected under Section 66C.

Is it possible to create a personal digital signature certificate?

Yes. It is possible to create a personal digital signature certificate. It’s optional yet easy.

What about the pricing factors for a digital signature certificate?

The prices tend to vary quite a lot. It might be different from one service provider to another. However, you can have it somewhere between 900 INR to 6000 INR.

What are the crucial components?

When you grab a digital signature certificate, you should check whether it has the public key (to be used by the owner), certifying authority name, owner’s name and signature provided by the certifying authority.

What about a digital signature certificate: class 2 and class 3?

Class 2 digital signature certificate is meant for the identity of a person. Whereas, class 3 digital signature certificate is meant specifically for e-tendering processes.

Can you get a digital signature certificate for free?

There are some portals where from you can get a digital signature certificate for free. However, you should check the authenticity aspects well.

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